Sales Director

    In2ition is drawing upon all of our resources, experiences, skills and knowledge in order to consistently deliver success.

    Diana is constantly looking to challenge herself and grow, both professionally and personally. From a very young age Diana has been fascinated with pushing herself out of her comfort zone. From public speaking at the ripe age of 11 in a language she had only mastered months prior, to living a semester in Brazil during her University career, to going skydiving, her desire to venture into uncharted territory has been a constant motivator. She believes that a positive attitude and a solutions mindset are key to achieving success in any situation.

    Her love affair with the real estate industry began shortly after she completed her undergraduate degree at York University, an Honours Bachelor Degree Specializing in Marketing. Working for one of the most reputable builders in the GTA helped Diana gain perspective and insight into the challenges that most builders face on a daily basis as well as the goals that drive business and development strategies. “There was something very exciting about the fast paced real estate industry that drew me in from the very beginning.”

    A natural progression into real estate sales allowed Diana to combine her industry knowledge, passion for marketing, understanding of consumer behaviour, and fascination with client psychology. As a licensed real estate sales representative with the Toronto Real Estate Board Diana has completed various sales training seminars as well as gained invaluable on the job sales experience. Earning accolades for sales volume in 2012, 2013, and 2014 is a testament to her hard work and determination. She continues to contribute through her volunteer work with the TREB Arbitration Committee.

    This experience brought Diana full circle into her current role at In2ition Realty. Allowing her to draw upon her understanding of the building industry, her passion for sales and marketing, as well as her relationships with brokers and real estate agents across the GTA.

    “In2ition Realty feels like home. It is the perfect team environment where industry innovation is fostered. Where relationships are nurtured with both clients and coworkers, and where we aren’t afraid of rolling up our sleeves and working hard. The result is exceptional and we are all proud contributors.”